2015 annual update

If we look back and think what we've achieved as a group during 2015 then I think we have every reason to be very proud.

Posted on Apr 09, 2016

This has been the first full year of activities undertaken by the newly constituted Horley Conservation Group. The group has been very fortunate to have been enthusiastically and knowledgeably led by Kevin Lerwill of the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Kevin, along with a reliable bunch of enthusiastic volunteers have been busy enhancing and maintaining the landscape where many local residents spend some of their leisure time.

Projects have included Himalayan balsam clearance and control, coppicing in local pond areas with the introduction of invertibrate shelters to enhance the biodiversity of these areas, hedge maintenance and inevitably some litter picking!!

The last task for 2015 was hedge trimming close to Tanyard Pond off Langshott. About thirty metres of hedgerow at the front of the pond were trimmed. This was an energetic task enabling the team to finish the year with a restock of their calorie levels courtesy of a Christmas drink at The Farmhouse.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out with the HCG in 2015. Together, we are making a difference and it's good to see that the “team spirit” is developing within the group and that there are lots of good ideas coming through as well as new volunteers of all ages becoming involved. A special thank you must be given to Glyn and Thelma Jones for gifting the group some surplus tools - bow saws, loppers, scythe, garden shears and a grass rake.

Hopefully the coming year will see progress with the Riverside Green Chain development. This coupled with the future of Gatwick announcement due by next summer means that 2016 is shaping up to be a very interesting year! Why not be part of it by getting in touch with the group at horleyconservationgroup@outlook.com

Our AGM will be held on the evening of Monday 15th February starting at 6pm. We are looking forward to a very busy and challenging year which will hopefully include the launch of a group website, progress on the development of a community orchard facility, attendance at the town carnival as well as more tasks to make our area a nicer one to enjoy life in.

The first task of 2016 will be scrub clearance at Emlyn Meadows on Sunday 17th January (please park and meet at the end of Kingsley Road, Horley, RH6 8AW). Please just turn up and make yourself known to the team - you'll be made very welcome.

Bill Chaffe, Secretary, Horley Conservation Group

Glyn Jones overseeing the donation of tools to the Horley Conservation Group