October minutes

7pm Friday 2 October 2015, Trinity Oaks CoE Primary School

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Present: Kevin Lerwill GGP (KL), Catherine Baart-Joint Chairperson (CB), Jan Spratt -Joint Chairperson (JS), Bill Chaffe-Secretary (BC), David Hampson (DH), John Baart (JB), Samantha Marshall HTC (SM), Maggie Heise (MH), Helen Egli (HE), Judith Walker (JW), Mariotte Perrett (MP), Jack Chapman (JC)


Apologies were received from Laura Ashfield (Surrey Wildlife Trust), Ian Preddy, Dorothy Ross-Tomlin (Surrey County Council), Catherine McNab, Simon and Valerie Marshall


Minutes from meetings held on 20th Feb and 19th May 2015 were agreed


Outstanding actions 2015/04-complete, 2015/05 Summer Walk – not achieved, 2015/6 Horley Circular Walk leaflets – to be completed, 2015/7 Duke of Edinburgh Scheme volunteers – to be completed, 2015/10&14 Website development – complete, generic email address – complete, 2015/11 RBBC shredding request – complete.

  1. KL to deliver leaflets to BC for circulation to library, schools.
  2. CB to liase with Oakwood School Re: DoE volunteers
  3. BC to liase with website developer for website by Feb 2016 KL to seek funding lines


2015 Autumn & Winter task dates Earlier list has now been updated and is yet to be fully distributed.

KL to supply up to date schedule for circulation with minutes


Burstow stream Incident Update At a time of very low water levels dead fish had been seen in the Burstow Stream. CB raised the issue with the Environment Agency and Police as possible (as yet unproven) discharge near to sewerage works were perhaps implicated. Straem oxygen levels were found to be very low and Thames Water spent a week oxygenating that part of the stream. The environment agency is currently examining evidence and CB will be made aware of any outcomes

CB to update HCG at next meeting


Riverside Green Chain Update KL informed the group about content of two emails received in response to a request for a progress report. These emails are attached to the minutes.

HCG members were disappointed by the response to the suggested site for the community orchard. HCG members wished to have a copy of the area map as prepared by DH and sent to Mike Botcherby (MB).

BC to email MB and then circulate map to HCG


Meath Green development CB had contacted Surrey Wildlife Trust suggesting that this housing development would be a good opportunity to start working with developers in order achieve a wildlife friendly approach across the development. The response was ‘muted’.

CB to email SWT for an update


Ragwort in fields bordering Lake Lane Fields due for hay production are populated by ragwort. This needs to be pulled prior to any hay cutting.

KL to include ragwort pulling in task schedules


Community Orchard Project Update Mike Bothcherby was not present to update the group on items 2015/ 16, 17, 18

MB has a couple of contact names of people involved in similar projects and will get in touch with them once we have identified a site that is acceptable to all interested parties.

MB has several funding sources lined up but feels that they shouldn’t be approached until we have firm details of our project.

MB says that funding for website development would be applied for early 2016 as well as applying to the Waitrose Community Funding Scheme. MB will aim to apply to the latter by the end of October 2015

MB has not yet completed the detail of enabling a group bank account as he needs to confirm a ‘business’ address with KL (12/10/15 – info supplied by KL)

A donation towards this project was kindly given by HE

BC to email MB for an update


Wildflower beds Church Meadows has been a great success. However, annual maintenance is now needed

KL to add to task lists


Horley Town Carnival This years carnival was not as successful for the group as had been hoped. Position of our staff was not ideal. The group felt that we should attend carnival 2016 but should include new ideas to attract interest. It was also agreed to attend the trinity Oaks School Fair in summer 2016

BC to email group for carnival stand ideas and then collate / organise



  1. Surrey Wildlife Trust have offered the group a ‘free activity’ for the coming year
  2. Horley Town Council has confirmed that it has funded the group membership of
    Surrey Wildlife Trust for the next year.
  3. The Himalayan Balsam problem was discussed / explained. The plant is very
    difficult to eradicate but by continued action can be contained and reduced over
    a number of years.

BC to email HCG members for ‘free activity’ ideas


Date and Time of next meeting is 7pm Friday 19th February 2016