Local Guide Group help to lay hedge

Horley recreation ground has hedge extended to improve the wildlife corridor on its boundary

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

On Saturday November 19th members of the 5th Horley Guides helped the conservation group to plant 90 hedge saplings in Horley Recreation ground. These saplings, when fully grown will screen some garages but perhaps more importantly they will link up two existing hedges, improving the wildlife corridor on the boundary of the park. The group were able to put some of their new tools to good use and can be seen leaning against these new spades on our home page. 
The Guides were a great group to work with - listened to instructions, worked hard, worked well in team and all the time with good humour. The 5th Horley with two other Guide groups, Rangers and Brownies are keen to join the HCG in future conservation work in and around their local community.