HCG Spring 2017 Update

A summary of the activities during the early months of 2017

Posted on May 15, 2017

A new year has begun and nature has all of a sudden burst into life. This has meant that the members of the HCG have had to do much the same!!

The year started with Rhododendrum and undergrowth clearance in Langshott Woods followed by some thinning of Hawthorn at Riverside Garden Park. Tanyard pond saw the willows coppiced and the invertebrate shelters enhanced. Then at the end of March the group embarked on a study day, learning how to monitor water quality in our local streams. The idea is to embrace water quality monitoring within our local task calendar and to feed the information received into a national database. The first river monitoring was performed above and below the Thames water plant on the Burstow Stream in April and this was followed by a further survey in May. This time the survey point was just above the Thames water plant.